Berkeley - Eros and Inspiration - Weekend Immersion Jan 18-19, 2020

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At Rudramandir in Main Temple Sanctuary. Sat/Sun 10-6 Preregistration is necessary to reserve your space.
*This Gathering is limited to 45 people* Preregistration is necessary to reserve your space. ~Move beyond cultural patterns into the deeply restorative, sensual internal fluid landscape where body~mind~spirit are experienced as one resonant Intelligence. ~In this workshop you will Dive deep into the Biological Breath-Movement Practice. You will learn invaluable techniques (exploring breath-sounds, movements and sequences) as we liberate the body and breath awakening our aliveness, pleasure and elegantly resolving limiting patterns. "As we rest within our selves we discover an embrace we have always been in and will always be. This Eternal embrace where self and source are one, is breathing us into new Life and deeper internal Nourishment in every moment. Aligning with this is our focus in this time." Eros is the Key... ~This is a slow-moving gentle practice based in your connection with your self-embodiment. You move at your own pace and can follow Cass’ guidance or allow your own inner knowing. "Experience the deep state of grounded presence and balance, bringing the nervous system back to neutral, while learning to fully trust the ever nourishing rest point~ resting into the Eternal Being where all regeneration (“healing”), renewal and inspiration happens. Breath by breath by breath.” ~Cass Phelps What to bring: ~ Lunch for Saturday & Sunday ~ mat or pad ~ blanket and water
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