Body Balancer Kit MP3 : Pure Frequency Medicine with Primordial Nature Soundscapes

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Body Balancer Kit

Body Balancer Kit MP3 : Pure Frequency Medicine with Primordial Nature Soundscapes


Retune and Revive

•  Balance and upgrade energy-body
•  Increase cognition & concentration
•  Clear mental "fog" and boost energy
•  Bring deeper sensation and awareness to energy-body

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Helps clear the limiting blocks and patterns preventing you from moving forward out of conceptual, dualistic ideas and perceptions. It can upgrade your energetic body system and practice by linking it to Inner Vision and the Knowing Whole Mind Inteligence, Oneness. Body Balancer Kit assists in the body becoming a clear communication system to hold your true vitality and essence.
On a practical level, this program is very effective at realigning, clearing and balancing the body-mind-energy system. Some frequencies sweep out old negative history and effects of toxicity, while others stimulate circulation, new vitality and inspiration. If you're feeling ill, stagnant, fuzzy or depressed, this program can help greatly. Body Balancer is excellent during and after travel. You can feel a clear, physical, energy-vitality difference by using this program.
Whatever aspect of the body you are working with, be it primordial, cultural, cosmic, electromagnetic, energetic, sound-vibration, chakra, light, yogic, this program will help you to use that system or access point as a communication resource for your greater knowing.
In using Body Balancer Kit you can literally feel the removal and clearing of blocks, stagnations, history, limitations in movement, negative thought patterns and much more.
Body Balancer Kit works with:
A deeper knowing and experience of vitality from Source of Life being within
More space and clarity in the mind-body system
Resolved and renewed
Release from regrets, obligations, guilt, shame, remorse and unhealthy ties or agreements
This program can help you clear contracts, psychic cords, energy ties, hooks and strands as it rebalances energy-meridian pathways. In Oneness, there are no contracts, binds or limits for there is no duality. There is no energy, no body, no form and no time - only vast, eternal, infinite freedom, presence and ever-expanding, immeasurable, constant divinity. This program comes from this Whole-Mind Intelligence or Oneness, and helps to resolve limitations and unhealthy ties by guiding you back to you original power.
This is an experience beyond words that changes the mind from limited conceptual thinking, to knowing-empowerment. In the written material that comes with this program, we offer some exercises and ways to work with this program to deepen your experience and benefits. The best thing about this program, however, is that it does the work for you.
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