Healing One Mp3 Download : Lush Harmonic Soundscape with Frequency Medicine

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Healing One

Healing One : Lush Harmonic Soundscape with Frequency Medicine


• Helps resolve chronic depression
• Open inner vision
• Facilitates grounding and being present
• Forgiving the illusion of separation to Source

This audio recording is perfect for aligning with the present Renaissance taking place right now where many of us are going inward and Re-imaging our planet and Human awakening to being Infinite Life.

 In this recording

Forgive - Remember  One

Broken hearted, depressed, ambivalent, shut in, muted, turned off, shut down, feeling a loss of union with source, feeling ungrounded, separated and out of yourself?  
This recording helps resolve this. Frequencies in this recording have proven to assist in the resolution of chronic depression and ambivalence. Be prepared to sit with the history that may be influencing your moods and blocking your heart.  This program will help you on a deeper level, realizing you are NOT your history or your past.
All is within. The truth sets you free. Total forgiveness is the key.
This recording works with the healing sounds of dolphins and whales.
Listening Instructions:
Lying down with eyes closed, just let go and breath. If you fall asleep allow it completely and take plenty of time waking up or surfacing from the state this recording facilitates. Move slowly and thoughtfully for at least 15 minutes after this program so to notice and integrate any changes taking place.
Enjoy and know that the Source of Life is within you and is always there to guide, if you please.

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