Mystery School Part 1: Your Eternal Foundation - 4 Week TeleSeries November 2019

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This is part 1 of a 3 part series for 2019-2020 TeleSeries Season. Tuesdays November 

Cass will be guiding you through 4 deep Dives, with Teachings, Q&A and time for optional check-ins/outs/all-abouts.

Time to dive deep inward, harvest, rest, regenerate and nourish!


This is part 1 of a 3 part series for 2019-2020 TeleSeries Season


Winter Mystery School: Your Eternal Foundation 
4 Week Series

Tuesdays November 2019


"Living as our essence (your untamable spirit/force) requires resting in the source of our being

From the eternal foundation of our being arises the truth of our embodiment; the effortless joyous inspired truth of YOUR authentic hearts expression and passion...

Resting in your eternal foundation places you at choice... 


Then, as we logically choose to embody all inseparable aspects of our innate human nature (through love), we realize that this way of ALIVE-LIVING in the world is the precious ever unfolding creative art of being…"

The resources required for this living art form will be our exploration.
Through cultivating presence, breath, sound, authentic fluid movement, REST and shifts in perspective we will:
-Turn our focus inward to the source of our nourishment, power and truth
-Dissolve limiting conditioning and patterns (in movement and thought)
-Create new inner and outer space for NEW creations to occur 

A major theme will be integrating our eternal wholeness which is always within us and

only requires INTEGRATION.


Cass guides you through 4 deep dives - show up prepared to slow down, tune in and allow your eternal foundation. 


The Foundation of Love


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