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Strata Flora - 4oz 1 Ancient Earth 1

Get the Super Pack and save $16.00! 

Strata Flora - 4oz powder (Regularly $65). 

Ancient Earth - 120 capsules (Regularly $30) 

*These two products used together create a powerful (yet gentle) synergistic effect making them noticeably more effective saving time and money.

Get the Super Pack and save $16.00!

 These two products used together create a powerful (yet gentle) synergistic affect making them noticeably more affective saving time and money. 


Ancient Earth and Strata Flora are the essential resources in the FiveSIgnals practice. Excellent for supporting your body in building a strong immune system, hearty digestive system and potent nutrient rich blood to feed every cell in the body! 


As mammals we require micro minerals to build our enzymes and feed our enteric gut and the 10 trillion micro biota. These micro organisms are the front line of our immune system and also play a crucial role in digesting our food while providing us with necessary vitamins. 


Strata Flora offers an unparalleled 77 different strains of micro biota all known to have extremely positive affects on the human body. *If you have a sensitivity to turmeric (or any of the other herbs used in this formula) it may be best to get BodyBiotic instead. Select this option above for only $5 more! 


For more info about Strata Flora click here.

For more info about Ancient Earth Minerals click here.

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