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Strengthen Immune System - Improve Physical Performance Protect Your Heart - Efficient Fat Metabolism - Supports Weight Loss Boost Nutrient Assimilation and Gently Cleanse Without Laxatives

Strengthen Immune System - Improve Physical Performance

Protect Your Heart - Efficient Fat Metabolism - Supports Weight Loss

Boost Nutrient Assimilation and Gently Cleanse Without Laxatives


Research on coenzyme Q10 has been especially focused upon heart & circulatory health, and prostate & breast cancer.

Supplementing with Ultimate Q10 will help strengthen your immune system energy, build & maintain a strong heart, and even lessen the damaging effects of chemotherapy, and environmental & other toxins. By clearing your cells of toxic debris, you'll optimize the cellular functions of every organ and system in your body.

Use Ultimate Q10 to help support youthfulness & longevity, a radiant complexion and healthy gums. It can sharpen & clear your eyesight, and increase your physical & sexual energy.

Your liver's production of coenzyme Q10 declines with age. Ultimate Q10 helps reactivate life-energy at your cellular core.

Ultimate Q10 is an antioxidant in great demand during any immune system load.

Typical Uses:

  • Enrich Your Nutritious Shake
  • Boost Nutrient Assimilation From Juices
  • Stir Into A Cup Of Yogurt
  • Creamy Smooth Sauces And Gravies
  • Sensational Bread And Baked Goods
  • Perfect Addition To Your Pet's Diet
  • Sprinkle Onto Your Frying Pan For Fat-Free Cooking
  • A Healthy Addition To Hot Or Cold Cereal
  • Sprinkle A Spoonful Into Your Bath

Coenzyme Q10 for Every Cell and Function

Q10 is the activator of life-energy in your cellular mitochondria. It is the only molecule that splits ATP molecules to turn lifeless food molecular energy into actual human life-energy. After energy is produced, Q10 is the antioxidant that deactivates metabolic free-radicals right in the mitochondria before they can escape to damage DNA.

Q10 is scarce and fragmented in your diet as Q6, 7, 8, & 9. These vitamin-like molecules must then be taken apart and reassembled by your liver into the useful form - Q10. After your teen years, the liver's production of Q10 declines as it begins to age and lose efficiency. With less and less Q10, energy drops off, excess fat piles on and youthful glow starts to fade.

Supplemental Q10 supports longevity, youthfulness, immune power, strong heart, healthy gums, radiant complexion, and lessens the damaging effects of chemotherapy, environmental toxins, and other toxins. Q10 helps sharpen and clear eye sight, and increases ambition plus mental, physical and sexual energy.

As an energizer and antioxidant Q10 is in great demand during any immune system battle. Q10 research has been especially focused upon heart and circulatory health as well as prostate and breast cancer. Q10 helps the cells clear toxic debris thus reducing age spots and optimizing a more youthful, energetic and radiant function in every cell, organ and system of the body.

Yes, we are saying here that supplemental Q10 is very close to the Fountain of Youth in powder form. And Lecithin is Q10's most powerful synergist. Lecithin promotes Q10 assimilation, utilization and - most importantly - your liver's natural production of Q10. Ultimate Q10 contains dozens of times greater amounts of this "superabsorb" factor as any other Q10 product. In fact, we originated the Lecithin-Liposome concept to enhance the assimilation of all enzymes and fat-soluble vitamins, and have employed it in every formula since 1984.

What Is Lecithin?

Lecithin is essential for life and is found in every living plant and animal cell. It is a multi-nutrient complex, and like Q10, it can only be created by life. It is made of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), Vitamins, and Minerals. It is nature's universal emulsifier enabling water to work with fats. Without enough Lecithin, fats will stagnate, generate free radicals and clog cells, a root cause of most disease and premature aging.

From Lecithin, your brain creates acetylcholine, the chemical stuff that thought and IQ are made of. The more of it you have, the sharper your mind and memory becomes.

Heart and circulatory problems take a million Americans prematurely each year. Your body employs Lecithin as the primary cholesterol solvent. Like Q10, Lecithin is a powerful ally for your immune system. Lecithin is the lubricant of all of your joints. Lecithin is the whole body moisturizer that keeps young people looking young. It is the nutrient for sexual intimacy. Lecithin's essential fats satisfy your body's craving for fats. Otherwise, junk fats will be eaten and cause your body to keep piling on unsightly pounds of useless fat.

A Wise Investment!

Food processing routinely removes natural Lecithin. Calorie for calorie, people now get far lower amounts of Lecithin - and much higher amounts of bad fats - in their diets than 80 years ago. Thus, you now lean harder upon your liver's ability to manufacture Lecithin. This competes with your liver's ability to produce Q10 and other vital life-enzymes.

Lecithin's components are limited in many diets. The older one gets, the less efficient one's liver becomes, and the more fatigued one becomes - especially the heart - and the signs of Lecithin deprivation grow more and more obvious as years tick by.

Why XtraPure Lecithin?

This is ultra-fresh de-oiled, 97% pure Organic Sunflower Superfood grade Lecithin. It works better and tastes fresher than any other Lecithin.


Powerful Blend of Coenzyme Q10 and Lecithin

XtraPure Superior-Grade Organic Sunflower Lecithin Powder - 10,733 mg/serving
(Hypoallergenic & Free Of Oils, Phytoestrogens & GMO/ Soy Proteins)

Coenzyme Q10 (97-99% Pure Q10) - 600 mg/serving
(Assimilation Synergized with 10,733mg of Lecithin - above)


Directions for Use

Just Add Your Favorite Juice (or water) to hydrate Ultimate Q10 or, you may sprinkle the dry powder over cereal or salads. Start at 1/4 tsp increasing gradually to your optimum amount.

For the most serious needs a good goal is 5 level teaspoons (600mg Q10) daily. This provides a daily super potency Q10 equivalent of 20 typical Q10 capsules of 30mg each - and a pure Lecithin concentrate powder equivalent of 34 liquid Lecithin capsules of 500mg each.

Adjust servings for larger or smaller people - and depending upon stressing exposures, age, diet, special needs, desires and goals.

Long term health and longevity optimization levels for a healthy person are 1 to 1 1/2 level teaspoons (120mg to 180mg Q10) per day ~ a 3 to 5 month supply per bottle.

Simply Shake up to 3 level teaspoons of Ultimate Q10 into 8 to 20 ounces of fresh organic apple, or other 100% fruit or vegetable juice and/or pure unchlorinated water to taste.

Never make it too thick. Your blend should be healthfully delicious and the consistency of a thin fruit smoothie. Can be kept refrigerated (like in smoothies) to 48 hours. For optimum results always drink plentiful amounts of pure water.

For Absolute Optimum Results combine Ultimate Q10 with our flagship Iridesca Full-spectrum Foundation Formula and Premium Life-Energy Superfood Blends, plus our Renaissance Waters.

Ideally enjoyed by Best Freshness Date and within 3 months after opening.
Ultimate Q10 travels well at room temp.
Protect from light, moisture, oxygen, heat and time - your freezer door is ideal for preserving freshness. Remove the bottle only long enough to dispense. Please keep the container tightly closed.

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