Gift Process Part II - RECEIVE - Live Tele-Series MP3 - Recorded January 2012 - Self Discovery Through Self-Nourishment

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The Gift Process Part 2

The Gift Process Part 2


We discover and expand in our awareness of our Gift. We enter directly into Part 2 of the Gift Process... 

The process of Receiving our Gift for our selves first and filling up with it fully before sharing it with others is an absolutely critical step that is often missing."

We discover and expand in our awareness of our Gift through the Self Nourishment; Self receiving process. This is the crucial step required to understand WHAT we are holding by experiencing the value of it and begenning to have insights on HOW to share our Gift with the world.

“Your gifts are innate- they are the Guiding Intelligence of your Life... The Blueprint of your life path... They are often overlooked by the mind, but these gifts are your essential offering to the world by your Being. They are effortless- they are what Inspire you... Within the Being of this Inspiration lies the insights and Intelligence for the concrete ways to share your gifts...then the doing and sharing unfolds effortlessly in the Flow.”

Whether you are an advanced innovator bringing forward your own body of work or just beginning to touch the truth of your essential nature and learn how to share it- this series will offer you a concrete direct intimate process for honoring, allowing and sharing your Gift in the world.

Did you know most people are at the affect of their Gift?
Did you know that everyone is born with their Gift and it is guiding Blueprint of our life, happening right now?
Did you know sharing your Gift can be effortless, nourishing and fulfilling?

Do you know your gift?
Are you sharing it effortlessly?
Is your heart resting in the knowing you are living your true vitally alive Life?

The two question I am asked are the most are “How do I live my life from who I really am?” and “How do I stay on track and see my visions through?” This is the line of questioning I asked myself when I was developing everything you see here... At the risk of sounding like a self-help guru, I can honestly tell you that I discovered there is a step-by-step-process, that anyone can follow. This process unfolds from within you and it makes you Self referential and fully empowered...

Join me as I share this beautiful direct and simple process with you.. And guide you week by week through it!

**Together we will enter a receptive meditative state to understand our essential Gift and gain the insights on HOW to share It with the world.

In these 4 session you will learn the step-by-steps of the Gift Process. You will discover experiential resources to feel and ground more deeply into your Gift. You will learn a way to nourish from and cultivate your Gift, to take everything in your life to the next stage of development.

Recorded November 2012

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