Gift Process : Video Course : 12 Learning Modules with Bonus Content

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Recorded 2021-22 this series offers a weekly introduction to the 3 Phases of the Gift Process. 4 weeks for each Phase. For more comprhesive, indepth work with Phase I "Discover and Claim Your Gift" go here


This exceptional Program became so activated with the group process we added 8 extra Thursday night sessions for deeper Shares, Q&A and Breakout Sessions working with trauma, wounding, dream-work, launching into social media, and other ways of sharing your gift, and much more. 

The structure is simple and direct: You can follow just the 2 hour weekly Class, and spend the rest of the week focusing on your HomePlay. And if you desire more community (and going down a few rabbit holes) you can watch the 2-3hour "Checkouts" after each Class, packed full of participants shares, Q&As, and witness how Cass' gift of Presencing and facilitation often leading to profound breakthroughs. *And if you crave more you have the extra Thursday Group Processing sessions. 


This program is presented in three phases. Each phase offers 4 unique sessions offering intro/presentation, attunements, Q&A, a Dive/Practice for working with your Gift directly and HomePlay. 

Phase I: Discovery (awakening and discovering your gifts essence). 

Phase II: Receiving (developing the direct feedback loop of experiencing your gift for yourself, taking ownership, filling-up with your gift). 

Phase III: Sharing (coming into inspiration and overflow to share your gift with the world from a place of inherent worth and sustainability, resolving self-sacrifice). 





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