Eros & Inspiration TeleSeries - MP3 Recordings - November 2015

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Eros & Inspiration November 2015

Eros & Inspiration TeleSeries - MP3 Recordings - November 2015


This series Cass introduced 2 new sound-breaths for you to Enjoy. Cass goes into great detail about personal-resonant-vocal sound and its profound applications for drawing the mind into deep experience of Eternal NOW, beyond concept. The dives are very potent as we are guided deeper and deeper inward to experience the Eternal Embrace. 


This is an excellent series for beginners and advanced. 

Join Cass for this deep and rich TeleSeries. Many people report that the recordings are a timeless way to enter into the Field.

Included in this series is a PDF copy of Cass’ Book ONE. We will be working with the book during the series and Diving deep into the experiential Principles (of One). 


As Fall begins so does the Mystery School. We started this season off with:

Eros & Inspiration
Live as Eternal Being in the World

Everyone calls in and Cass guides us into a deep internal breath-movement exploration and major shifts in Perspective

-Be in community while being in the comfort of your own space. 
-Go deep within yourself and discover your deepest internal resource and nourishment
-Go beyond concepts and into Application and direct experience

-Opportunity for Q&A, Sharing and working with Your specific challenges and Inspiration. 


4 sessions - 2hrs session – 8hrs total
A PDF Copy of Cass’ book “ONE”


  1. In the Mystery School EROS is a code word. It symbolizes the Embodiment of the LOVE beyond all conditions and opposites. The LOVE that we really are and that guides, impregnates and imbues all mystical experiences that resolve all internal conflict and confusion... and is what we rest in, in our Eternal Embrace... being One with the Source of Life.
  3. Eros is the All inclusive flow state-experience of Love. Our natural state.

Eros is magnetic. The more we Rest in our eternal being the more those around us are drawn into us... How we navigate this is the key to our ability to sustaining our true nature and our power of creation beyond ego-constructs and the redundant rut of the cycle of seduction/rejection. 

  2. Inspiration is the the innate surging spirit of life that springs us into effortless action. It is where life is Play... Inspiration comes forth from within. It's what the light burning within you is about. This is very different than motivation, which is doing based in avoiding negative repercussions and

-Motivation is about DOING something that I don't really want to do. 
-Inspiration is about HAVING the clear insight in what I want — and letting the Universal forces (EROS) come into play to create the outcome in effortless fruition through JOY. 

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