Eros & Inspiration : Living Your Gift : January 2019 TeleSeries

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Ready to break some patterns and move through the places in yourself & life where you are stuck? Your gift is the key. 

A very potent Series with that rare chemistry of a Group Dynamic that creates real tangible insights, breakthroughs and inspiration.The Dives and Q&A that transpired in this series were so coherent relevant and needed that the checkouts/ sharings often went on for over an hour after the session end time (included in these recordings).

"To live in the world as your true essential Being requires Knowing that your Gift is your essence, and how you share it is through what inspires you. It is time we break free from our cultural/familiar conditioning and enter the liberating state of self-love. *Eros and Inspiration are two keys*"

Join me in these live recordings, as we Dive into the deeper experience of our gifts, nourishing fully from our unique essence until we are so full and confidently clear that we overflow into the effortless sharing...  it is our birthright.

In this series, Cass will assist you in creating a deeper dialogue with your gift, your inner knowing, which has the overview of your life-path... and is guiding you every step of the way... 

Ready to break some patterns and stop moving around the places in yourself where you are stuck?

Join Cass, recorded LIVE (four 2hr sessions):
Tuesdays January 15, 22, 29, Feb 5
6:30-8:30pm PT


+ Q&A + Shifts in perspective and education

+ A full guided Dive experience each session (breath-movement exploration)

+ A time for Aligning, Centering, Sourcing, Breathing and Remembering.

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