Origins Mp3 Download : Dark Lush Sonic Soundscape For Deep Rest-Reset

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Origins : Dark Lush Harmonic Soundscape



Cass created this spacious deeply rich moody sound-scape for the classes and workshops. It is perfect for the deep slow subtle Dives.. Going Inward and reconnecting with the silent Eternal center. 

In this recording

A Beautiful Orchestration of long deep bass tones in a lush sound-scape of primordial natural ambient harmonics, whales, dolphins, vibrant Ocean, birds and streams.

From Cass: "Ive used it in my workshops since 2006 (still do) and have never released it until now (2011). Just did not seam like the right time until now. I hope you will enjoy it's pristine sound quality and pure resonance for all your inner Journeys. Frequency Medicine can show you places the mind is still perceiving from lack, loss and fear. Let the process work as you see how you can listen and feel from the deeper perspective of love- while you breath through whatever is coming up. The recording offers the nourishment and resonance to uplift and Enjoy the freedom this process brings!” 

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