Trauma Integration : Pure Frequency Medicine

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Trauma Integration

Trauma Integration : Pure Frequency Medicine


Crafted Sonic Frequencies designed to drop below trauma and into deeper, more settled Self, while helping to access and release the trauma during and/or after the use of the program.

Release & Resolve

•  Assists with releasing physical and emotional trauma.
•  Facilitates deeper understanding
•  Helps in integrating traumatic situations
•  Assists with finding your deeper resourcing and trusting your higher 

Trauma Release
This program works very well with resolving physical trauma, such as car accidents, falls, getting hit and "physical, mental, emotional abuse." It can help greatly with resolving "blind spots" developed as a part of your defense system’s way of coping with and managing physical trauma.
This program works with specific Sonic Frequencies to drop you below trauma and into your deeper, more settled Self, while helping you to access and release the trauma during and/or after the use of the program. This gives you the calm, knowing and insight to see the trauma for what it is and the resources needed to release and forgive. This program also helps you become less defended and reactive in suddenly challenging situations and stay present and connected to your true Self.
As with all of our programs, we recommend allowing the programs to do the work as you relax, letting your mental mind rest and release.
Trauma Release and Integration works with:
Insight Resolution
Deeper inner vision
Deeper understanding of the cause and effect dynamic
Release from self-punishment, guilt, shame, blame, regret and remorse
Release from the survival "fight or flight" patterns from when the incident occurred
Realizing you are untouched and in perfect peace on the level of the absolute, eternal state of Whole-Mind Intelligence of Oneness Ability to integrate the situation and start anew in your life, receiving the gift of insight, healing and greater development from the trauma
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