Gift Process: Phase Two : 12 Week Series 2024

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Solely focus on Phase 2 : Nourishing & Resourcing From Your Gift 

Over 80hours of Material.

Previously recorded live zoom group. 

3months, 12 Sunday Sessions Solely Focus on Phase 2: 

Over 80hours of Material. Previously recorded live zoom group. Work at your own pace.

Phase II is very unique to the Gift Process as the Practice teaches HOW to RECEIVE your Gift for yourself FIRST. Together we work with the deeper layers of you FULLY Knowing and Owning your Gift. This middle step, missing in our culture clears up any confusion around your worth, your gifts value and reveals ways and forms for you to sustainably share your gift from Inspiration. You'll learn how to deepen your Dialogue with your Gift through direct experience. 


Included Bonuses: 

  8 Breakout Night Dives for the Three Biological Movements.

  2 Powerful Interviews advanced Gift Process students


Join Cass in this previously recorded Series.

  • Learn how to Receive and Nourish from your Gift for yourself first
  • Know the Principles and Atributes of Your Innate Gift
  • Learn to Harness, Center and Articulate from your subtle energy body. *It all builds from Involution

  • Align with your internal Forces of Creation, resolve resistance and experiance opulent flow... breath by breath... 
  • Feel the direct value of your Gift and know your inherent worth beyond cultural commodification
  • Develop your ability to rest in your Center while being in every relationship
  • Learn how to receive the Gift of every situation while honoring your body wisdom, your YES and your NO *Resolve codependent patterns

Use this 3 month container to fill-in anyplace in your system that needs fortification, and Developmental growth...

It all leads to Innovation where the fruits of your Gift become ripe and draw coherent people, who need your gift, right to you. 




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